Restless Modern – How Do I Do with You?

Wisconsin artist Restless Modern is back today with another outstanding alt-pop release in the shape of new single ‘How Do I Do with You?’.

Taken off of the new EP ‘A Likeness Complicit’, the song continues to showcase this American talent’s refreshingly unique approach perspective on the world, and in turn his music-making.

“We live in a broken world, and collective self-examination yields that all of us are complicit in this to some degree. It is comfortable to place blame outside of ourselves, but it is difficult to look in the mirror and objectively apply those same standards. It is a Biblical concept that we were all made in the ‘likeness’ of God, but this is a standard that we have failed to live up to. It raises questions about which pieces inherent to us represent this “likeness.” What does this distortion imply about our nature, or about the nature of the source from which we were derived? Thus, ‘A Likeness Complicit.’ This EP is meant to evince self-responsibility and an uncomfortable self-awareness.”

Restless Modern