MARBLE – red room

While in lockdown, American outfit MARBLE accelerated their creative work – with the duo having to learn a lot of techniques to finish the songs to their upcoming LP.

Today sees these two gifted artists unveil their new single ‘red room’. Undoubtedly one of the most haunting and atmospheric pieces of indie-rock you will experience this week, the sound is both deeply moving and totally gripping.

“I wrote this song about an experience I had with someone very dear to me. This person told me that they had been thinking of ending their life. I remember sitting in a packed room and feeling like I was completely out of my body. For some reason, I was really aware of everything going on around me and all of my senses were heightened. The cold chills sliding through the door as people came into the room. The ever present chatter of countless conversations. I was caught off guard and filled with emotion to a point where it was difficult to speak and to tell them how much they mean to me. The sadness on their face at that moment has been burned into my mind ever since. I wrote about it so that I could work through these feelings and find ways to help this person and be someone they can confide in. I wrote about it for over a year and struggled to process it. It wasn’t until much later that this song emerged. I believe that ‘red room’ represents the difficulty and sadness of this experience. This is a song about hope and love just as much as it’s a song about depression and sadness. My hope is that anyone who hears this song is reminded of the people who are most important to them and how much they love them. Tell them.” – Matthew Blount, MARBLE