RØRY – Kill The Girl

UK talent RØRY returns today with outstanding new release ‘Kill The Girl’. Cathartic and confessional in tone, the track delivers an infectious dose of pop-punk, mixing nostalgic 00s drum beats with punctuated guitars. 

“’Kill The Girl’ is like my origin story for becoming RØRY. It was after (yet another) traumatic break up in 2018 that I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to be that girl any more. Blue hair, some new tattoos, and a new city later… I became a stronger version of myself. I got sober, got therapy, and committed to 18 months of celibacy to figure out what was driving my destructive choices. Needless to say life is a lot fucking better now. Those things work. Sometimes you have to kill the person you were to figure out who you can become.”

Fun fact: RØRY’s career as a songwriter has seen her amass well over 1 billion streams.