Motel 7 – Headphones

Photo / Paris Brosnan

Now commanding 200k listeners per month on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say that Motel 7 are well on their way to hitting the global mainstream.

Consisting of Anton Khabbaz and Dylan Jagger Lee, this LA-based duo have been on my radar for some time, and the release of their new EP ‘Headphones’ only confirms my thoughts on just how talented these chaps are.

“Our EP ‘Headphones’ is a listening experience. Not a single second thought on any lyric or production choice – everything was first instinct. We literally wrote whatever we felt and what to get off our chests at that exact moment the song was made.  We wrote every song in a different emotional state… and state of mind. I (Anton) feel like we didn’t limit ourselves to a specific ‘sound’ for this EP.

A lot of these songs were written in the thick of the pandemic. They were written ‘virtually.’ Dylan and I would bounce ideas back and forth via text to get these songs to the finish line. It was a challenging yet eye opening experience to write music like that.

We called this EP ‘Headphones’ because we want the music to take you away from the world a little. When you wear headphones you almost want to close your eyes.. But sometimes you also want to dance.. And sometimes you even want to go to the beach for a run… We wanted the music to take you wherever you want it to. Whenever you have headphones on, it’s just you and the music.. Nothing else…there’s something so beautiful about that concept.”

New EP ‘Headphones’ is out now.

Motel 7