Fatherson – Love For Air

Photo / Stewart Bryden

One of the most impressive alt-pop outfits to emerge from Glasgow in recent years, Fatherson are back with their anthemic new single ‘Love For Air’.

The song captures the rush of falling in love, and features a choir-backed chorus, sinuous melodies and euphoric synth lines.

“‘Love For Air’ is about falling in love. How you would replace that love for the air you’re breathing. I’d say it’s the biggest chorus I’ve ever written a combination of screaming melody, voices and lyrics that encapsulated that period of time in my life. I think anyone that’s fallen in love can relate to that overwhelming feeling of joy and I think we captured that perfectly in this song.” – Leighton, Fatherson

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Normal Fears’, which is out on 1st April 2022 via Easy Life Records.