maxime. – rubber checks

You’ll be hard pressed to find a talent who consistently releases superb bops as frequently as Canadian artist maxime.

A master of so many crafts, this talent is a self-released, self-published, self-produced and self-engineered creative who makes premium left-of-centre music from his bedroom.

Today’s release of new single ‘rubber checks’ marks the first of five tracks that are rolling out consecutively, each spaced by a month.

“The idea for ‘rubber checks’ came to me when I was listening to a podcast and heard the term for the first time. I thought it was a cool lil phrase for bad checks that bounce. Since I’ve just recently decided to do the music thing full time and moved to a new city, money has been a little tight, and I’ve been paying rent by cheque. The rest of the song is more or less a patchwork journal entry reflecting the time in my life I wrote it. I talk about being in a new city where you don’t know anyone and touch on relationships etc. I really wanted to capture a happy go lucky feeling with the song.”

‘rubber checks’ EP is released on 21st July 2022. maxime. also debuts his new live show on 27th June in Montreal.