New Music: NEVE

I’m so excited to introduce to you today one of the most exciting new Irish finds that I have come across this year.

NEVE understands how to make high-calibre pop, crafting sounds that are polished and current while still maintaining a subtle essence of nostalgia. Meanwhile, thoughtful lyricism details life issues from a Gen Z perspective.

“This song was written after a number of conversations with my sisters, and friends where we fell into talking about trust issues etc, and how our trust issues in 2022 don’t even just come from past relationships, but from our friends, from stories on the internet, from how many options everyone has at their fingertips through social media and how many people we all connect with everyday. It’s a vulnerable, honest song that seems quite controversial I think but at the same time Is just quite raw, and brave to admit that actually sometimes we project insecurities from what we have seen others do on to people who haven’t done anything at all yet. The crazy thing about this song is that I wrote it with two men, who were all ears and very accepting of the concept when I came to the session with the chorus lyric haha.”


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