Lemonade Baby – i blocked ur account

One of the catchiest indie-pop bops of the week comes courtesy of Australian artist Lemonade Baby.

As the title suggests, ‘i blocked ur account’ is a fun and playful release that was inspired by our ability to electronically cut ties with the people around us – for the sake of our mental health.

“I overheard a conversation between two girls about how they were cutting a toxic relationship out of their life and how they needed to ‘block’ their social media accounts.

To me it’s such a bizarre thing that we have the power to remove people from our lives via the internet. Obviously the girls had very valid reasons to distance themselves from the person but it’s still pretty wild to overhear a conversation like that irl… so I wrote a song about it, giving a big applause to everyone who’s cutting them toxicsssss out!”

Lemonade Baby