New Music: GENTLE

Hailing from Toronto are emerging outfit GENTLE. New single ‘Softcore’ is a gorgeously atmospheric and arresting release that showcases this band’s perfected blend of dream-pop and shoegaze.

With the opening line “Called you, I had a panic attack”, the song expands into an explosive arrangement of massive drums and effects-laden guitars.

β€œ’Softcore’ recounts toxic relationships in our lives. The first verse recounts the time I called my girlfriend (at the time) for comfort while having a major panic attack to which her reply was “I’m at a party and need to go”. The song exposes our frustrations with absent partners but when we stay with them and give them more chances, it’s our fault as much as theirs.” – Oliver O’Brien, GENTLE

GENTLE are slated to release a full EP in the coming months, and will go on tour in April and May 2022 – playing shows in Quebec City, Montreal, Guelph, Toronto and Hamilton.


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