New Music: Jack Panther

Photo / Frances Carter

Emerging from Auckland is rising queer artist Jack Panther. After spending much of his youth with his headphones on, listening to Sky Ferreira and writing angsty poetry, Panther now crafts masterful pieces of melancholic pop.

‘SKI LIFT 001’ is a chilling and introspective track about missing someone close to you.

“Last winter I went skiing for the first time since going with my ex-boyfriend and so many bittersweet memories came flooding back to me. I remember having an epiphany while skiing that I took so many moments with him for granted. It’s a feeling that I think resonates with a lot of people – nostalgia can hit you so hard and so quickly. Writing this song was so cathartic to me, I had a lot of feelings towards my ex and I think in a way I wrote it to acknowledge these feelings and try to move on.”

Jack Panther

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