Stella Talpo – Where Did I Go

Photo / Leo Turnbull 

London-based soul-R&B artist Stella Talpo returns with a stunningly dark and epic sound through her new single, ‘Where Did I Go’.

Almost reminiscent of a Bond theme, the song eloquently moves between atmospheric R&B and brooding soul, utilising pillowy synths, warbling electronics and crunching guitars.

“‘Where Did I Go’ is an insight into how tendencies to people please, trying to be perfect to be loved and validated, and how being anxiously apologetic can change the direction of your life and who you become. How those fears can be so oppressive that you forget who you were to begin with, shaped into the box that they limit you in. “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”

Taken from upcoming EP ‘FINE’, out 10th June 2022 via DeepMatter.

Stella Talpo

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