New Music: Jack Flanagan

British artist and Mystery Jets member Jack Flanagan constructs a refreshingly raw and powerful indie-rock sound that seamlessly fuses cathartic lyricism with anthemic melodies.

‘Gravy Train’ was written during a particularly turbulent time in Jack’s life, and is a brutally honest exploration of mental health and sexuality:

“Late nights, addled mindsets, hedonism, eating disorders and inflated ego – all of these things went into ‘Gravy Train’. I had just broken up with my first girlfriend and was mentally all over the place. I was feeling pretty open to anything at the time. The line about my sexuality ‘can’t decide if I’m straight or gay’ is laced with sarcasm. To me sexuality isn’t that dumb. It was about looking at everybody around me and taking them at face value. Romantically and platonically. Male or female.”

Taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Rides The Sky’.

Jack Flanagan