Photo / Chris Walsh

Emerging from Los Angeles is recording artist REYSHA RAMI. With a finessed approach to music construction, this singer songwriter takes elements of the classical Carnatic music she grew up listening to, and blends it with elements of pop, R&B, hip hop and soul.

The result is a smooth, cinematic and luxurious sound that is utterly bewitching to experience.

“When I first heard Ariana Grande’s song ‘Safety Net,’ I wanted to create something in a similar vein both sound and writing-wise, and brought the song in as a reference to my session. When I’m inspired by a lyric or concept, I like to try and write about the opposite situation in order to make it feel more original. ‘Fallback’ felt like the way to portray the flip-side scenario of ‘Safety Net,’ by telling someone that you’re neither going to be a second choice to someone nor stop them from being with who they want to be.”


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