ladiesmile + skinnyandsoft – Ice Cream

ladiesmile & skinnyandsoft

Continuing to prove that New Zealand is one of the most exciting places for new music right now, this new collaboration between emerging outfits ladiesmile and skinnyandsoft is just about the catchiest indie bop that I have come across all week.

‘Ice Cream’ is a combination of ladiesmile’s beautiful, live production and skinnyandsoft’s unique, cascading and soulful vocals, as he presents thoughts of self-reflection and coming to terms with his past.

“‘Ice Cream’ is about feeling isolated in my own thoughts. Allowing bad habits to get the better of me, this song is me talking on my struggle with the constant back and forth of knowing my self-worth and hating a lot about myself. Hoping for more, trying for more, continuing to grow. Believing in myself one step at a time.” – skinnyandsoft

ladiesmile | skinnyandsoft

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