New Music: Tree Giants

Oklahoma City’s Daniel Chrisman and Israel Lee – collectively known as Tree Giants, are already an established studio outfit who have worked alongside hip hop and R&B artists seeking to add electronic and dream-pop vibes to their music.

Today marks the release of their new single, entitled ‘Better Together’. Anthemic in tone and empowering in its lyricism, the song showcases a bold and invigorating edge to the dream-pop genre. So if you’re a fan of HONNE, Postiljonen or Friendly Fires then Tree Giants may well be one of your new favourites.

“No doubt, we’re all worn out by global fallout of the past two years, from a pandemic standpoint, but also with continual political divide and most recently, the crisis in Ukraine we’ve watched with aching hearts from the comfort of our own homes. What really stirred emotion in us, though – leading us to write ‘Better Together’ – was witnessing the inevitable, beautiful effects of unity amongst people – especially in desperate circumstances. It’s our genuine hope that the demonstration of humanity coming together to take care of each other in dark times will encourage us all to see that life is truly going to be better if we simply look out for each other, even when we’re in quieter, lighter seasons.” – Daniel Chrisman, Tree Giants

Tree Giants

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