Andi – Devil’s Work

Emerging US artist Andi’s momentum continues to rise, with the teen starlet now commanding over a million Tik Tok followers and more than 600k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

New single ‘Devil’s Work’ is not only melodically beautiful, but lyrically powerful. Written for those who are struggling with mental health and self acceptance, the song’s empowering lyrics are sure to touch many listener’s hearts.

“This song was inspired by the lack of open conversation about mental health. So many people portray perfect lives online yet are struggling behind the scenes. The lyric, “Her reflection shows her ribcage but she thinks she weighs too much,” portrays the reality of this day in age – especially on social media. There is a beauty standard that is so unattainable that young girls and boys are unable to see themselves clearly. I want this song to help people get through tough times that feel impossible to get through. The line, ‘magazines have editors and makeup does the devils work,’ is another metaphor for social media setting unhealthy standards. You aren’t seeing the editing of the pictures, posing, fake lighting; you’re just getting the final product. This is so unhealthy for young boys and girls.”

With such a loyal fanbase under her belt, it seems only a matter of time before Andi hits the global mainstream with her relatable brand of pop.