Kenzie TTH – Bonnie (B Side)

Multi disciplinarian artist Kenzie TTH marks her return with the announcement of a new body of work, starting with the release of new single ‘Bonnie (B Side)’.

Co-written and produced by Leon Vynehall, this beautifully honest song invites listeners into Kenzie TTH’s world behind closed doors – and addresses the issue of who we truly are, versus what people expect us to be.

“To me, Bonnie as a character is the girl that gets labelled ‘quirky’ or the ‘eccentric manic pixie dream girl’ and feels like she plays a supporting character in her own life. I think we all have some Bonnie in us – the presentation and performance of self that then gets commodified and flattened into a two dimensional object by others.”

Kenzie TTH has already picked up early praise from the likes of Highsnobiety, Trench and The Guardian thanks to her tastefully eccentric and highly original approach to R&B and pop.

Kenzie TTH