New Music: Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is the solo project of LA-based artist Christopher Kalil, who was previously a member of indie-folk group Arms Akimbo.

Through the Saint Christopher moniker, Kalil creates music that explores the different facets of the pop genre.

Songs like ‘Fire Season’ contain essences of indie, lo-fi and alt pop – all delicately fused together in a thoughtful and balanced way. Speaking on the song, Kalil says:

“Where I grew up,

We would get days off from school every Fall when the hills would catch fire.


I have to stay in my seat and finish my work.

Back then it felt like the bad times would come in seasons. Same with the good times.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realise that the good times and the bad times happen all at once.

Fire season is all year.

This song is about the death of an old perspective and the birth of a new one.

The death of potential and the birth of acceptance.

I’m not looking for my big break?

I’m just looking for a little break.

We all deserve a pause button.

This song is mine.”

Taken from ‘Pop Shit’, out 7th October 2022 | Saint Christopher

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