New Music: IDMAN

Photo / Khufu Najee

Hailing from Los Angeles is Somali singer, songwriter and artist IDMAN. With a refreshingly original approach to music-making, this multi-talented creative is inspired to write songs that address current social issues, while also empowering listeners to live their authentic lives.

Captivating new single ‘Look At What I’m Doing To You’ touches on IDMAN’s heritage, and provides commentary on the state of cultural appropriation.

“‘Look At What I’m Doing To You’ was the first song I ever recorded. This was the song that got me through so many doors and opened a lot up for me in my career. It speaks to an exclusive experience for those who know what I’m saying and have felt what I’m saying. If culture were a person, what would she say?… Look at what we’ve done to you, we are everything you do. Every part of everything you think is yours is us. In its conceptualisation and at the very base of every atom, we are you, and you wish.”

The track follows on from IDMAN’s critically acclaimed single ‘Good Life’, which picked up praise from the likes of Complex and Sidedoor.


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