Caye – WE LOVE PT. 1

Photo / ibynoe

Boston artist, songwriter and producer Caye may not be a name familiar to many, but this critically acclaimed multi-disciplinarian already holds more than 70 million catalogue streams under his belt, and has worked alongside global artists like Alessia Cara, Abhi the Nomad and Meghan Trainor.

Inspired by the concept of self-discovery, new single ‘WE LOVE PT. 1’ was entirely written, performed, recorded, produced by Caye himself, and even features the sounds of an Australian didgeridoo.

“‘We Love’ was written when there were no shows, no access to live anything. I grew up going to shows, playing shows, and love touring and I needed to feel some of that during the last two years without it. I made these songs to escape to a different world when the world around me froze.” 

Over the next eight months, Caye will be releasing a new single monthly – culminating in an album that listeners can look forward to next year.