DYLYN – Skin and Bone

Following on from the release of her latest EP ‘Bring on the Blues’, Canadian starlet DYLYN returns with show-stopping new single ‘Skin and Bone’.

With its playful blend of pop and classic rock, the song treats listeners to a sound that feels both nostalgic and current in equal measures. Speaking on the track, DYLYN says:

“‘Skin and Bone’ is about a rare soul connection that makes your world explode. While I was writing this song with Parker Bossley, we had a conversation about first loves and how potent they are. Your world feels so colourful and fragile. Everything is so intense. You chase that feeling of a first love in songwriting in a way. It is so new and exciting. To love someone to the skin and bone. I thought that was a beautiful visual – you never forget your first.”

With praise from the likes of Clash, PopMatters, American Songwriter and Popdust, DYLYN continues to prove herself as one of Canada’s most exciting pop talents.