Chri$tian Gate$ – Dangerous State of Mind

Photo / Oswaldo Cepeda

One of the hottest alt-pop names to have emerged in recent years has been Chri$tian Gate$.

Since his introduction to the world back in 2019, this talent has gone on to accumulate a huge following all across social media – and the momentum continues to grow with the release of his new single ‘Dangerous State of Mind’.

“I wrote this one about a girl who I talked to for a year and a half on and off… I thought about how she had just always made me feel so horrible. Usually it’s the girls getting gaslit but in this case it was me. No one talks about what it feels like as a guy to get gaslit and believe the person you’re with really couldn’t care less about how you feel.”

Championed by the likes of Rolling Stone and Teen Blurb, this talent commands close to three million followers on TikTok, while his catalogue garners over two million streams monthly on Spotify.

Chri$tian Gate$