New Music: Sisteria

Fans of Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane and Black Mountain can now look forward to adding a new favourite to their record stacks – Tulsa’s very own Sisteria.

Led by Katie Williams, this Oklahoma-based outfit create impressively bold, raw and anthemic pieces of psychedelic rock. Their new single ‘Wade My Way’ empowers us to push through our personal struggles, and also reminds us that everything is temporary. As Williams says:

“‘Wade My Way’ is about breaking free from a situation or anything that binds you, be it a situation, a person, etc. ‘I’ll bide my time til the river goes down then I’ll wade my way on through’ reminds us that we are capable of navigating our personal challenges and that this too shall pass.”

Sisteria’s forthcoming ‘Dark Matter’ LP is scheduled for release on the 19th August 2022 via Horton Records (pre-order here).


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