beaux – benadryl

Photo / Joshua Atkins

Alt-pop darling beaux returns with his first single of the year, following on from the release of his 2021 EP ‘memories written down so I won’t forget them’.

A love song for the modern age, summery new track ‘benadryl’ presents listeners with a playful and charming fusion of indie and pop.

“‘benadryl’ is about feeling too excited to fall asleep because you’re with the person you love and your mind just can’t rest. Their hay fever tablets knocked them out, so you’re just lying in bed, staring up at the pictures on their wall, waiting for them to wake up.”

With support from the likes of NME, Notion, Clash and Sunday Times Culture, beaux is rapidly making his mark as an artist to watch. UK fans can catch beaux playing London’s Camden Assembly on the 18th October.