New Music: Westerner

Photo / Nikki Neumann

With an irresistible blend of psychedelic indie-rock, electronica and synth-pop, Californian outfit Westerner could well be one of the most interesting newcomers to emerge this month.

‘Hell is Dull’ perfectly demonstrates this trio’s skill at crafting sounds that feel eccentric and underground while still maintaining some pop sensibilities.

“This song is about the tendency to overindulge in something to the degree that the sensation diminishes and you have to keep piling on the intensity to feel anything. I noticed that I got bored of my ‘vices’ if I did them the same way over again. So I found ways to make the experience more intense. After a while I started to feel a sort of ironic melancholy over the things I could no longer enjoy. Yeah, I was enjoying myself, but I couldn’t really go back. I tried to capture that irony in the music.”

Westerner currently command an army of over 90k followers on TikTok alone, while also picking up tastemaker support from the likes of BuzzBandsLA and American Pancake.

‘Kali Yuga Kama Sutra’ album is out now | Westerner

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