New Music: Edie Bens

Edie Bens is a Welsh singer and songwriter who, at 21-years of age, is releasing some of the most promising indie-pop sounds to emerge from the UK.

‘Therapist’ is only Bens’ second single, yet the track showcases an artist who has the ability to pair beautifully melodic songs with thoughtfully written lyricism.

“’Therapist’ is about my uni boyfriend. We started seeing each other mainly because of the convenience and the familiarity of being housemates. It didn’t last very long as we were a terrible fit. And he was quite controlling. I was so scared to end things at first for fear of hurting his feelings despite knowing it was making me deeply unhappy. Writing this song was a way of me taking back my own narrative and happiness.”

To date, this rising starlet has collaborated with the likes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Flyte, while also touring alongside COIN and Felice Brothers among others.

Edie Bens

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