New Music: Anna Thoresen

Hailing from New York is rising singer, songwriter and producer Anna Thoresen. Still only 20-years of age, this artist is rapidly garnering traction thanks to her beautiful blends of bedroom pop, indie and alternative R&B.

New single ‘party girl’s lament’ presents listeners with a gorgeously stripped-back production, while Thoresen opens up on her past struggles with addiction:

“It comes from a very vulnerable, personal place that I don’t speak about often, but screams through my music. It’s about addiction, anxiety, and being in a dark place, and everyone around you is not too different, yet no one really talks about it. Addiction is way more common than we think, especially with underage high school and college kids, and nobody talks about it without feeling shame or guilt. I’d like to break the stigma by speaking on my own experiences”.

Fans of this emerging starlet can look forward to an upcoming debut EP, which is scheduled for release later this year.

Anna Thoresen

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