Sans Soucis – All Over This Party

Photo / Matilda Hill Jenkins

If you’re looking for an uplifting song to get you into the weekend mood then ‘All Over This Party’ from London-based Sans Soucis is your bop.

The track finds the Italian-Congolese songwriter, artist and producer deliver an anthem of self-empowerment that encourages people to celebrate their identities.

“This song is a way for me to reclaim my power in an environment that very often misgenders, abuses and stigmatises femme presenting people. I’m non-binary and my gender identity is fluid. I wanted to celebrate this awareness by literally summoning my friends who have been such an inspiration for me in this journey.”

Sans Soucis has already received widespread acclaim from noted outlets such as The Guardian, Fader, Trench and The Forty-Five, while the artist currently commands over 125k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Sans Soucis