blackwave. – cracked screen (feat. Lute)

Belgian duo blackwave. have become a benchmark of excellence for European hip hop.

Continuing with their run of successful collaborations, new single ‘cracked screen’ features acclaimed rap artist Lute, and serves as a taster to new album ‘no sleep in LA’ (out now).

“The initial idea came about when one day I realised how much I was ‘living’ through my phone by dropping it and by the screen cracking. All of a sudden I started to notice the screen itself, instead of being completely immersed inside this world of internet and social media. It sparked the first idea of the chorus: ‘Live my life behind a cracked screen, nothing’s what it seems’. From there it evolved into a track about all these different aspects of idolisation both from the perspective of idolising as well as being idolised. It’s about the fronts we tend to put up on the internet, and the moment those fronts start to shatter in front of you.” – Willem Ardui, blackwave.

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blackwave. | Lute