Memphis LK – Whip

Rising Australian talent Memphis LK returns with an early bop to prepare you for the weekend ahead.

New single ‘Whip’ finds the self-taught songwriter, producer and DJ delivering a melodic and mesmerising fusion of dance music and pop. Speaking on the song, Memphis LK says:

“Making dance music, I’m drawn to sounds that have conflicting moods, contrasting the hard and the soft. That’s ‘Whip’. It’s kind of a breakup anthem for bad bitches. The day I started making this song, I was carrying a 15L water bottle up the stairs and I tripped and put a hole in the wall. So every time I look at the massive hole in the wall I think “Oh cool that was the day I made Whip.”

To date, this emerging artist has garnered over a million catalogue streams on Spotify alone. While we await further new releases, be sure to check out the 2021 EP ‘1’ here.

Memphis LK