Golden Features – Vigil

Acclaimed Australian producer Golden Features unveils a beautifully dark and intensely captivating sound through his new single, ‘Vigil’.

“‘Vigil’ is about the point of diminishing returns. The sound of birds begging you to go to bed, desperately trying to sleep when your brain won’t allow it. It’s for anybody who’s managed to escape the kick-on only to be left alone in a silent room with nothing but head-noise.”

The song’s accompanying video continues with the story from previous single ‘Touch’, as Golden Features explains:

“The ‘Vigil’ video starts where the ‘Touch’ video ends. It’s about trying to stay sane and navigate the head noise. I wanted to capture the moment after the afterparty when the last person has left and you’re alone with nothing but your thoughts.”

Already an established name within the international electronic scene, Golden Features has accumulated over 275 million streams, achieved several platinum and gold ARIA certifications, and played on iconic stages like Coachella.

Golden Features