Zouj – Driving With My Eyes Closed (feat. Sahareya)

Photo / Felix Posner
Director / Franz Impler

Emerging Leipzig producer Zouj teams up with Slovenian rapper and multi-instrumentalist Sahareya on new single ‘Driving With My Eyes Closed’.

Treating listeners to a refreshingly original and interesting take on hyperpop, the song’s thoughtful lyricism contrasts sharply with its playful production.

“We’re all speeding up to uncertainty on a bumpy road hovering over lava and yet we maintain the American narrative illusion of ‘Knowing where to go, being focused, having a purpose, a plan, work hard for what you want and make it’ when actually deep inside we all know no-one knows what they’re doing, where they are going. We are leading a life full of improvisation, unmatched expectation, hardship, crisis, dissatisfaction, plan Bs, Cs and Ds: an endless navigation towards whatever is kind of “working out” for ourselves with a constant dread of regression looking over us whether it’s political, ecological or economic. Everything advertised to us is a disappointment but even if we gave up on everything we don’t have the choice but to keep our hands on the steering wheel.” – Zouj

Over a relatively short space of time, Zouj has marked himself as one of hyperpop’s most exciting new artists, picking up praise from the likes of NME, Colors, Clash and XLR8R.

Zouj | Sahareya