Sasha & The Bear – Wake Me Up

Sasha & The Bear is the collaborative project of Brooklyn artists Sasha Daniel and Dov Igel, who have been crafting sounds since their formation in 2016.

Upon Igel’s mother’s recent passing, the duo decided to travel to the wilderness of Sweden’s forests to work on a collection of introspective songs that were inspired by themes of mortality and loss.

The experience resulted in a 3-song EP, of which new single ‘Wake Me Up’ is lifted. Lyrically, the track addressees the feelings that we can experience when someone close to us is gone, as the duo explain:

“It’s a reminder that we’re all mortals and that our time on this planet is limited – it’s a song about learning to live with the loss and embrace all the feelings that come with it and mostly to learn how to keeping on going with the loss side by side.”

 Sasha Daniel | Dov Eagle