New Music: Hattie Oates

One of the most impressive newcomers to emerge from Australia this week is rising artist Hattie Oates.

With its polished mix of pop and rock, anthemic new single ‘GOODBYE’ treats listeners to powerful sound that features confident vocals and vivid lyricism.

“It’s always easier when someone gives you a reason to leave them in the past, so I felt like I needed to get these lyrics off my chest. ‘GOODBYE’ started as a self pep talk, and then spiralled into a passive aggressive realisation, that I can only thank the people that made it so clear they don’t belong in my life! I’m the kind of person who uses humour as a decoy to most of my problems, so wrapping this song in sarcasm was my way of cutting ties with the people, moments and thoughts I did not need in my life at the time. Whilst also making the best “f*** you” anthem I could.”

Oates has already garnered a much-coveted seal of approval from tastemakers triple j, while also achieving placements on prominent playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday AU & NZ, Indie Arrivals and Peaceful Pop.

Hattie Oates

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