Fellow Kids – Fire Away

Canadian outfit Fellow Kids are currently crafting some of the catchiest and most energising pieces of pop-rock to emerge from the country.

New single ‘Fire Away’ was born back in 2020, when it was nothing more than a bass line. After the band experimented with the song through a few demos, the track was finally recorded alongside acclaimed producer Tom Dobrzanski (who is noted for his work with the The Zolas, Said The Whale and We Are The City).

“We experimented with funk-style inspired guitar licks as well as an interesting ‘dream sequence’ during the bridge with dense layers of instrument parts and distorted vocals. We’d never really messed around with experimental vocals before, but with producer Tom Dobrzanski, who’s creative and technically musical mind elevated the song to help capture the vibe we were aiming for, we really pushed the boundaries with Fire Away.”

“The song is essentially about the tension between doing the right thing and going against it. It is a snapshot of someone in a moment of their life when they leaned into some demons.”

Fans in Vancouver can catch Fellow Kids performing live at The Roxy on the 22nd October – tickets can be found here.

Fellow Kids

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