Tedious & Brief – Tired Work

American project Tedious & Brief unveil their latest single today, entitled ‘Tired Work’.

Inspired by the likes of Matt Maeson, Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish, the track presents listeners with an impressive mix of alternative pop and indie rock.

“I had a really bad boss that abused his position of authority and threatened me. ‘Tired Work’ is a proverbial middle finger to him and anyone in a position of authority like him who uses their power to abuse and threaten the people they’ve deemed below them. My hope is that this song is an anthem for anyone who’s been treated in this way and for them to know that these people won’t get away with it.” Jamie Jacobsen, Tedious & Brief

The song marks a new creative chapter for this emerging outfit, who are departing from the indie-pop sound that they have come to be known for – and moving into a darker and more alternative style of music-making.

Tedious & Brief