Precious Pepala – Looking For Trouble

Photo / Leah Abdulla

While still only 17-years of age, UK talent Precious Pepala continues to impress with her uniquely captivating style of pop.

‘Looking For Trouble’ presents listeners with a song that was lyrically inspired by the dangers that women face when walking alone in the night.

“‘Looking for Trouble’ is a song about rape culture and victim blaming. It addresses the unfortunately relatable feeling of fear when walking alone at night as a female. The lyrics also address the way that victims of sexual abuse are all too commonly questioned about things such as their clothing, actions or level of intoxication as if to justify predatory behaviour. I feel very passionately about discussing this subject matter through my music and I hope this song acts as a conversation starter, because these issues need to be discussed until we see change.”

With support from the likes of Dazed Magazine, as well as an ever-growing fanbase across social media, Pepala is most certainly one artist to watch.

Precious Pepala