New Music: Distance Sprinter

Photo / avery.benter

Hailing from Cincinnati in Ohio, singer and songwriter Joel Borton introduces his new musical project called Distance Sprinter.

Inspired by modern-day pop-rock groups like The War On Drugs and The Killers, Distance Sprinter crafts energising pop-rock anthems that lyrically touch on powerful human emotions like love, loss, shame and guilt. Speaking on new single ‘High Roller’, Borton explains:

“This song is about love and relationships being a rick or a gamble. You really have to bet every ounce of your emotional well being to commit to being with another person.”

Fans can look forward to an upcoming album entitled ‘Junglebird’, which is out soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out the project’s other releases on Spotify here.

Distance Sprinter

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