OLI – Float

Acclaimed singer and songwriter OLI returns today with a sublime piece of feel-good pop through the release of her new single, ‘Float’.

Dream-like in its essence, the song incorporates themes as varied as positivity, satisfaction, and space – as the artist explains:

“My dad actually came up with the lead melody, he was playing around on guitar and sent me the idea. It made me think of all those feel-good Disney songs that leave you really happy and satisfied at the end. The idea of Floating up above everything and everyone fit so perfectly with it too. I think it’s something many people imagine. We are pretty small in the grand scheme of things so it’s easy to feel existential from time to time. I just wanted the song to paint that emotion in a more positive way. I personally take a lot of comfort in knowing how much there is out there.”

Garnering acclaim from noted tastemakers like Wonderland, Notion, Music Crowns and Out Now, OLI continues to win critics and music-lovers alike with her charming take on pop.