MorMor – Here It Goes Again

Photo / Joshua Gordon

It’s taken a good while, but Toronto-based artist MorMor has finally released his debut album, ‘Semblance’.

The project’s collection of songs offers listeners a candid view into the artist’s thoughts on love, growth and relationships.

“‘Semblance’ is an album that took its time to come together. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on things I would have otherwise run away from. That’s what keeps me coming back. I hope that spending time with ‘Semblance’ will offer you joy and serenity in reflection.”

Alongside the album’s launch, MorMor has also unveiled the visuals for his new single, ‘Here It Goes Again’, of which he explains:

“‘Here It Goes Again’ is a song about the desire to recapture the honeymoon phase of a relationship that is otherwise falling apart. When working out the direction for the video – Adrian [Villagomez, director] and I wanted some way of visualising what it felt like to be captured in an endless cycle. The song encapsulates the concept of attempting to recapture the honeymoon phase, while in reality the relationship is falling apart; so we felt it best to represent that by creating an ever evolving loop.”

MorMor has received critical acclaim from the likes of NME, Dazed, Vice, The Observer and Sunday Times Culture, while his work has accumulated more than 68 million streams on Spotify alone.