Photo / Ana Trindade

Hailing from London, PRIESTESS is a critically acclaimed alternative-pop project formed by musician Kate Fleur Young.

New single ‘HOOKS’ is lifted from the artist’s debut ‘Landscapes’ EP, and presents listeners with an immersive sonic experience that is as haunting as it is intriguing in character.

“This track was written about my experience within an abusive relationship and the relatability I felt about people that ‘go back’ to their partners even when they know it’s unhealthy and bad for them. This experience was one that was very hard for me to extricate myself from and I felt it was like an intoxicating monster that had its hooks in me making it very hard to leave.”

With praise from established tastemakers as notable as CLASH, Wonderland and M magazines, PRIESTESS looks set to become one of the UK’s most interesting newcomers in 2023.


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