Ella Rosa – NOT CUTE

Photo / Callum Hutchinson

Rising UK-born and LA-based starlet Ella Rosa returns with a sublime fusion of alternative R&B and electronic pop through her new single, ‘NOT CUTE’.

The song was written at a time when Rosa was trying to figure out the evolution of her artistry, and heralds a new style of sound from this emerging talent.

“I wrote ‘NOT CUTE’ at the peak of a very formative turning point for me in my life and career. I was moving out of my house in LA (hence the first line ‘packing all these boxes’) and going into hibernation mode, which led me to spend a lot more time with my music. This pivot sparked a realisation that my passion for R&B and pop had to be moved closer in the work I was releasing.”

Rosa’s music has so far garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, while tastemaker praise has come from the likes of PAPER, Notion and Wonderland magazines. An upcoming EP is scheduled for release in the new year.

“This song, while it leans more towards the R&B side of things in pace, was my gateway towards the rest of the music of the EP; from smooth to bouncy and fun.”

Ella Rosa