Gloomer – One More Time

Photo / Cassie Hunter

LA-based musician Gloomer (aka Elliott Kozel) has delivered a consistently high calibre of lo-fi and alternative releases since his debut earlier in the year.

Now on his fourth solo single, this accomplished producer unveils another powerful new piece of music, entitled ‘One More Time’.

Explaining the inspiration behind the song’s incredible composition and lyricism, Kozel remarks:

“This is a song about trying to help drug addicts and feeling the burden of constantly caring for another human being. I wanted to combine Connan Mockasin jazz chords with Prodigy-esque breakbeats and psyche rock fuzz guitars into a refreshing combination of sounds. I like the surprising change to the string sample and the tabla samples.  I love trying to jam two things together that don’t seem like they might fit at first and was inspired by Jai Paul’s wild unhinged sampling techniques.  The whammy bar on my Stratocaster was used to great effect on the guitar solo at the end.”

Gloomer’s debut ‘One More Time’ EP is out now, and can be found here.