Òlah Bliss – Death Wish (EP)

Polish-born and London-based talent Òlah Bliss has been an Alfitude favourite for a good while now.

As an artist who has consistently delivered a high standard of songs, Bliss has proven herself to be one of the Capital’s most promising newcomers – and today’s release of genre-bending EP ‘Death Wish’ (out now) will only further affirm this.

Songs like ‘Run’ display Bliss’s diversity perfectly – this is a sound that weaves genres as diverse as alternative pop with soul and R&B into a track that feels cohesive, emotive and finessed.

Check out the rest of the EP, as well as it’s story below.

Òlah Bliss

The story begins with “It Ain’t My Fault’, an insight to a severely damaged long term relationship between two artists who spent their lives chasing their careers and money, instead of holding onto something more tangible – each other. This current reflection forces them to go down the memory lane and discover what went wrong. 

This takes us to the second track, “Crazy Love”. Two individuals meeting up in a downtown bar for the sole purpose of having a good time, yet somehow they fall in love that same night and end up having an unforgettable, party fuelled week as a result. Star crossed-lovers meet at last, they know they could never work, but sill decide to go on this adventure together to see how it plays out. 

The story quickly progresses into “Run”. Their relationship has bloomed into the most beautiful ghetto love story. Bonnie and Clyde on the run, it’s them against the world. Living like there’s no tomorrow and nothing else matters. 

As we enter “Fun And Games”, it is clear that something isn’t quite right. They’re facing difficulties, but no one is addressing the problems. The intrusive thoughts of other lovers start to kick in and someone new, more exciting comes around. The temptation is unbearable, but when your other half is a “Liability”, betrayal becomes the only way out. 

A split of a moment can decide on the course of your life and open your eyes to things you were previously shutting out. When one finally sees true colours of their loved ones, there’s only one thing left to do – live your life like there’s no tomorrow, live it “To The Full”. We can blame our upbringing, developing unhealthy habits, but the truth is it all comes down to our decisions. Having a “Death Wish” is the definition of self sabotaging your own happiness. We settle for broken people, because we feel unworthy of real love and somewhere on the way, we stop loving ourselves. “Hate Me” is a realisation of what we truly want and deserve – it’s okay to put ourselves first. It’s only when we’re whole, we can be loved the way we want to. 

Death Wish Story