Aáyanna – Can You Take It

One of America’s biggest R&B prospects this year will be Aáyanna, who today unveils her latest single, entitled ‘Can You Take It’.

Working with acclaimed producer Juberlee, the song looks at the moments when you begin to reveal parts of your personality – be they good or bad – to a potential lover.

“My inspiration for ‘Can You Take It’ came from the guitar itself. I loved how sensual and raw it sounded, so it urged me to write a song that felt seductive and like only the listener and I exist when it’s being played. The lyrics are bold and straightforward but metaphorically, I’m also asking if you can take me at my best and worst. Can you take how big and complex my personality is and what obligations come with me. At its core, ‘Can You Take It’ is about wanting to feel desired even after showing someone those parts of yourself.”

The track follows on from Aáyanna’s debut release ‘Risky’, which has accumulated more than 100k streams on Spotify and received countless endorsements from some of the world’s biggest tastemakers.


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