New Music: Meg Chandler

We’re starting the day with a superb new talent emerging from the small English town of Shropshire.

Meg Chandler is a 22-year old singer and songwriter who has seemingly already mastered the art of creating perfected indie bops.

Inspired by the people in our lives who make things harder than they need to be, melodic new single ‘Bury You’ expertly fuses elements of alternative pop with indie and rock, resulting in a sound that is near impossible not to enjoy.

“This song was a super fun one to write! It’s basically a full three minutes venting about the kind of people that make existing that little bit trickier, reflecting also on how sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against you. The aim was to write a song that anyone can play really loudly and shout the words as a kind of therapy, whether it be after a long day of work or an experience with a particular person that has left them wishing it was possible to forget they exist… bury the thought of them if you will (or literally bury them). It acts as a message to all the people out there that don’t make the tiny bit of effort needed to treat other people with kindness!”

Through ‘Bury You’, Chandler showcases her skills in not only writing relatable songs, but also in constructing vibrant productions. This is most definitely one artist to watch!

Meg Chandler

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