American artist RIZ LA VIE continues to showcase his impressive (and highly individualistic) style of sound with the unveiling of new single, ‘FYP’.

Written after his move to Los Angeles, the song takes its inspiration from the feelings and thoughts that we experience when we settle into a new environment.

“[The song] is a representation of my love affair with New York City, even while living in Los Angeles. It reflects my feelings of longing, FOMO, and passion as I see my beloved city moving on without me, such as through concerts and billboards, while LA tries to capture my attention. It’s a story of my longing for my true home and my deep emotional connection to it.”

Having garnered more than 100 million career streams to date, LA VIE finally releases his debut album ‘Haven’ on the 9th Feb (pre-save here). The record will feature prominent production personnel like Vic Wainstein, Daniel Hartzog, Lucy Blomkamp, Johan Lenox, KES and Mike Bozzi.

LA VIE will also embark on a tour across North America throughout the spring – dates and tickets can be found here.