Raven Artson – Rash Of Independence

Ever-evolving artist Raven Artson returns with yet another sonic delight in the form of his new single, ‘Rash Of Independence’.

Inspired by the iconic sounds of Corona, Timbaland, Madonna and Sugababes, this nostalgia-tinged song treats listeners to an eccentric yet charming production, while the lyrics tell of Artson’s appreciation for independence and love.

Indeed, it’s the desire for independence that keeps Artson’s work so refreshingly experimental, as he explains:

“Whatever swings my way, I take it on fully. I let down my guard to experience more than I can foresee and embrace the unexpected in my creative process. That’s where the playfulness comes in.”

Artson supports Coco & Clair Clair on their European tour this month – dates and tickets can be found here. Headline shows are coming up later in the spring.

Raven Artson