Downtown Kayoto – Run from you

In recent years Downtown Kayoto has proven himself to be one of the UK’s most promising alternative artists.

Released via London label Other Projects (home to NiNE8 and KhakiKid), new single ‘Run from you’ continues to build momentum for this remarkable talent, and showcases a raw sound that fuses indie-rock with essences of hip hop.

“‘Run from you’ is a song about how I would run away from my problems, I’m pretty sure that everyone goes through a similar thing. Specifically this was about a relationship that I really valued at the time, and when I look back at how I dealt with the end of the relationship I noticed that my behaviour was definitely avoidant. I get really prideful at points so sometimes I’ll just run so that I don’t need to deal with the situation at hand; run with no particular destination in mind, I just run and I when I look back I run fast… This is one thing I really wanna stop doing (lol). It’s not really healthy but without it I guess I wouldn’t have made this song.”

To date, Downtown Kayoto has recieved praise from industry heavyweights as noted as Zane Lowe, Pharrell Williams and Jack Saunders, while also touring alongside the likes of Tkay Maidza and Finn Askew.

Downtown Kayoto