Cherry Angel – Cherry Dream

Rising starlet Cherry Angel (aka Alycia Lancey) returns today with a beautifully melancholic slice of dreamy indie-pop through her new single, ‘Cherry Dream’.

The song tells the story of a girl who pines for a type of romance that she can only dream of. Elaborating further on the lyricism, Lancey explains:

“This concept, although somewhat dangerous to one’s mental health, is a reality so many people face when love is lost. We re-rack the brain and dissect the what-ifs. This song is really about depression. She yearns to stay asleep to be with this absent person. Since she can’t go back and she can’t move forward, she is staying still, reliving her memories.”

The track follows on from the LA-based singer-songwriter’s acclaimed debut ‘Caffeinated’, which was released last fall. Cherry Angel plans to release more singles later the year.

Cherry Angel